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Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts
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Call for Resolutions in the US, llamada para resoluciones en los EU

There are calls for resolutions across the country to oppose tax cuts for multimillionares here: http://www.faireconomy.org/resolution/index.html

This sounds like a good initiative from the little İ have read thus far. Tax cuts, contrary to Reagan's Voodoo Economics policies, do not in fact stimulate the economy via trickle-down effect. What we are seeing now is a widening of the gap between rich and poor that is a direct result of the wealthy having more money available and not putting it into circulation for the benefit of middle and lower class Americans. (according to New York Times quotes in the past few weeks...) So every town council and organization can pass a resolution in favor of fairly taxing the wealthiest rather than letting them pay less into the tax system.

Hay llamadas para papeles en todo el pais diciendo que alos millinarios no se necesitaba cortes de mordida.

Esto quiere que decir que tenemos que parar a los injustas cosas y que cada persona se paga como cada otra. (lo siento por mi idioma...)

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