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Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts
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Meet the only Presidential Candidate who fully supports our right to marry and all equal rights for us:

David Cobb
Of the Green-Rainbow Party (Massachusetts)
State affiliate of the National Green Party

As a Massachusetts Voter, suppose you vote for OUR RIGHTS?
Suppose you SEND A MESSAGE to whoever wins on November 2nd?
Suppose you vote to help keep “ballot status” & GROW the ONLY STATE PARTY
• To elect co-chairs who were both gay & lesbian?
To stand for all we hope for?

The Green-Rainbow Party fully supports GLBTQ rights, will you support us?

Come hear another option
Weds., Oct. 27th
8am- 9:30am
Diesel Café, Elm St., Davis Sq

for more information: www.votecobb.org



I just cast my absentee ballot for Cobb

what state are you in and what state are you voting in?

Mass/Mass. I'm currently studying abroad in Mexico.

oh cool! :)
where in mexico? I was in Monterrey in 2000.

Oaxaca (Waay south)