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Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts
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not sure if I can still vote in MA, and help w/a Universal Health Care letter

I now live in Turkey for the past 7 months -can I still vote in the 2006 referrendum (if it happens)?
Also, I am working on a letter that I wonder if anyone has time to help me with, since I am totally stuck for words...

Letter to the Editor

"If you care about your family, support Universal Health Care..."

Dear Editor,

Health care is the most important part of the social security safety net in any civilized society.
In a civilized
society, we have an obligation to one another to see that our basic
healthcare needs are met.

Would you pay an extra 20$ a month to save your mother's life?" Yes!
> "Then you support Universal Health Care!

losing the ability to file for bankruptcy after sudden insurmountable debt due to medical expenses pulls the last rung of the ladder out from under those struggling to stay afloat financially...

That is to be the guts of it but I am too stressed out lately to work it up properly. If anyone wants to lend a hand, many thanks will be forthcoming...

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No idea about the voting thing.

I think the bankruptcy law changes and UHC should be in different letters. Also, try to connect the letter to some article from the paper (it should be very easy for the bankruptcy thing - if the readers of the paper care about your issue, the news related to it will be in the paper). You may also want to be specific about which bill you're talking about, and action steps related to it ("tell your congressman to vote no on #####" - I think it's already passed in the Senate).

I didn't even remember that this board was on my friends list - I guess we should make more use of it!